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The Sunset Theatre is owned by the City of Asheboro and serves as a cultural events venue for the community.

The City's Department of Cultural & Recreation Services uses the theatre for special events including concerts, plays and movies.

In addition, the theatre is available for rent for private groups. The theatre is located on Sunset Avenue in the heart of Asheboro's increasingly vibrant downtown.


Tickets for events sponsored by the City of Asheboro can be purchased or picked up at at the Asheboro Cultural & Recreation Services office (241 Sunset Avenue).

For more information on tickets, call 336-626-1240 ext. 1.

History of the Theatre

Theatre in 1930sIn 1929, local businessman Kirby Cox started construction on the Sunset Theater. The Theater opened on March 6, 1930 and was the first structure built in Asheboro for the sole purpose of showing movies.  Sunset Theatre was built in the Spanish style that was very popular in Hollywood at that time, with beamed ceilings, stucco walls and an awning with a tile roof.  A marquee was added in the early 1930s.  A second marquee replace the first in the early 1940s. The theater continued as a first run facility until the early 1970s.  It then turned into a second run theater and was named "The Flick" for a short time before being renamed the Sunset Theater.

The facility was shut down as a movie theater in 1981.  Area Developer Jeff Schwarz purchased the facility in 1983 and rented the building out for a variety of events including concerts and church services. In 2000, the George Washington Carver Community Enrichment Center purchased the facility.  This group made an effort to run the facility as a performing arts center.  The City of Asheboro purchased the facility in December of 2005.


2012-13 Renovations

Since acquiring Sunset Theatre in 2005, the City of Asheboro has invested approximately $1 million to stabilize the building, replace the roof, acquire space for expansion and purchase a new marquee. 

As a result of a successful and on-going capital campaign, extensive renovations were completed in the summer of 2013. Enhancements included an expanded lobby and concession area, modern handicapped-accessible restrooms and two new multipurpose rooms for rehearsals and storage.  In addition, new sound and lighting systems—required for a wider variety of live events—have been installed.


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